Cold Pressed Hemp Extraction

Each of us at Somers Harvest came to believe in the benefits of CBD in our own way. From sleeplessness to anxiety, CBD gave us a natural and healthy alternative to traditional remedies. So when we decided to create our own CBD products, we wanted to ensure we were going to deliver the highest possible benefits. That's where cold press hemp extraction comes in.

What is cold press hemp extraction?

Cold press hemp extraction is very similar to squeezing orange juice: we take the hemp plant - and nothing but the hemp plant - and put it through a small press. The pure, organic hemp extract that comes out of the press is our end product, containing all the goodness hemp has to offer: natural fats, vitamins, oils, nutrients, and phytonutrients. 100% of what goes into the press is used in the final product, which means absolutely no waste.

Cold press hemp extraction.

Why is cold press better than other types of hemp extraction?

To understand why cold press is preferred to other types of hemp extraction, let's take a look at the other two main types of hemp extraction: alcohol and CO2.

Alcohol extraction begins with submerging hemp in a vat of alcohol, where the alcohol penetrates the cell walls of the hemp and dissolves the CBD into the alcohol. The solution is then run through a still at various temperatures. The resulting product is an uneven distribution of CBD and a remaining biomass that must be thrown away. 

CO2 extraction begins by forcing CO2 in a un-natural, supercritical state through the hemp. Supercritical CO2 is neither a liquid nor gas, but wants to be both. It flows through the hemp like a gas but dissolves the CBD like a liquid solvent. When the CBD is exploded from the cells it turns into a yellow foam-like oil. The oil is then mixed with alcohol during a process called emulsification, filtration and distillation to eliminate the lipids (which is unfortunate, as CBD absorption rates in the body are higher in the presence of lipids). 

Both alcohol and CO2 extraction require the addition of an alternative oil (such as coconut oil) to then be added to the CBD solution, often resulting in a final product that is only 10% - 20% hemp. 

What you gain with cold press extraction is a final product that contains the highest quality CBD, containing only elements of the hemp plant - and without any unwanted waste.